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Groups - How it works

Share your photos with like-minded

Some photos you upload is about life, everyday life and reality. Other photos are more specific to some particular interest. A Dayview often got a clear focus. So what can you do with photos that does not fit? Photogroups is the answer! Upload your photos in the right group for your photos, view them, get comments from like-minded people and see their photos in the same theme!

As the creator is, you decide

If you created a group you decide what fits your theme. You decide who is entitled to upload photos in your group, which photos that fit and which doesn't and control over what kind of photos that you think is right! If your groups gets big you can appoint people you trust to be moderators and help manage the group. That way you can keep track of your group and get it how you want it.

Photo: Clara Ruyter

Open or private group?

Not everyone wants to show all photos for everyone else. Maybe you have your Dayview private, but have photos you want to show publicly. Or you have your Dayview open, but have photos that you do not want to show to everyone on your computer or mobile phone. Have your group in a way that you feel comfortable with!
  • Open - Let everyone take part of the groups photos
  • Private - Allow only members of the group to see the photos you upload

Be active in the group!

Comment a lot in groups where you are a member, and make sure to upload photos in the groups you created, and got publishing rights in. A photogroup is only as fun as you make it. Follow and maintain the group-rules. Do you think the rules feels wrong? Create your own group to suit yourself better. As the creator you decide for yourself.

Creator, moderator, photographer, member

  • The creator decides the rules of a group, who gets to upload or who gets to join. The creator may promote members to moderators.
  • Moderators are "helpers" and have the same privileges as the creator except the permission to promote moderators.
  • Photographers are the group members that have permission to upload.
  • Members. In open groups you are automaticly granted membership. Just as following a dayview. You must be granted membership or be invited to a private group.